We Love the Olympics!

These first couple of days of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games remind me how much I loved watching them as a kid, and even still today, as an adult. They’re exciting, engaging, and there’s just something really cool about the whole world coming together in the name of talent and teamwork.

I have Greek roots to thank for feeling extra proud of this centuries old event, but my love for this showcase of athleticism comes from a true appreciation for those that train long and hard to make it to the Olympics. I vividly remember watching the women’s gymnastics floor routines, finding the top scorers, and then following them along throughout the duration of the games, cheering and admiring them along the way.

I also have a very clear memory of a project I was assigned in Greek School (yep, that was a part of my life, every Saturday morning from the age of five up until I was 16!) where I had to research and present on the Olympic Games – what they were, when they started, and what it all meant. I think I was in grade six, and I made an accompanying poster that I’m still proud of today. You can bet that if I still had that thing, I’d be plastering pictures of it all over here 🙂

Now, as we watch the games with our two young daughters, I have to wonder if they’ll develop the same fascination as I have. I hope so, because I think it’s also a great learning opportunity – not just of the sports themselves, but also of the participating countries, and especially the host country. And if this video is any indication…

…then we may just have to start dreaming up some floor routines for our future gymnast!

PS: How amazing is this story of the young girl who swam to escape Syria, and is now competing on the first Refugee Olympic Team?! Such a display of determination and hard work.

Have a great week!


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