Celebrating One Year of Theodora

Last weekend, we celebrated our not-so-little baby’s first birthday, and throughout that day, I found myself revisiting some advice I had received just before my wedding day. A friend of mine told me to make sure I took a moment to really look at what was happening around me to soak it in because of how fast it goes by. The same totally applied for Theodora’s birthday; on the day we celebrated with a few little friends, and the night before the party, too. I couldn’t believe that the heart-shaped rice crispy pops and tissue paper poufs I was making at 2:30 in the morning the night before were for our very own daughter!

(Don’t judge me, but I feel like I need to be honest here – I had the help of not only Alex in these preparations, but also a glass of wine. It tastes so much better in those wee hours of the morning!)

The afternoon was filled with exactly what we hoped for – laughter, tiny people chatter, singing and eating. Although too young to really remember this milestone birthday, we hope that these pictures will help Theodora understand how excited we were to celebrate her.

People warned me of this, and it’s true – the first year goes by at lightening speed. Everything is so new, and you’re stepping into the monumental responsibility of raising a child in the safest, healthiest and happiest way that you can. Here’s what has made us feel ok about how fast it went – we did our best to be in the moment, every step of the way. Whether those moments were at 2:00 am consoling cries, or the fourth time in the span of half an hour changing, yet, another diaper, we just reminded ourselves that this was part of the deal. And what incredible, priceless results this deal has yielded us.

Have a great (warm) week!


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Party Details
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Cake: Cake Affair (delicious and amazing!)

The Lovely Ordinary Turns One!


The Lovely Ordinary is officially one year old! I remember this momentous day last year so clearly – Alex was in Toronto for a wedding, and I had decided to stay behind because I was very pregnant at that time and I wasn’t too comfortable with flying. As luck would have it, I had also come down with a terrible cold (or it seemed more terrible than usual because I couldn’t take my trusty Advil Cold & Sinus), forcing me to cancel plans of going to a Pecha Kucha event with friends, and turning down my cousin’s birthday festivities. So what’s a pregnant girl to do with several other hundred things adding up on her to-do list? Start a blog, of course!

Let me just say – it has been such a fun year learning and navigating the world of blogging! Other bloggers and media mavens I have met make me feel really cool just by associating with them. The local blogger community has revealed itself as a vibrant and supportive one, which is especially comforting for a novice like me. And the ideas and creativity that result from blogging, and following other blogs, have been exactly what I was looking for out of this maternity leave project. I am so excited to dive into learning more over this next year, but for now, please join me in wishing this fun little space a Happy Birthday!

I thought long and hard about how to commemorate this milestone – a contest? A giveaway? A collaboration? These are all great, and are in The Lovely Ordinary’s future, I promise. But instead, I decided to go with something near and dear to my heart. October happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and so in support of all of the hard work and dedicated research towards finding a cure, I have made a $50 donation to celebrate this little birthday. In addition to this, I will make an additional $1 donation for every comment that is left here. Why this particular cause? Seven years ago, we sadly lost my grandma to the disease, so this is one of the many ways in which we keep her beautiful spirit alive and work towards a greater cause. It has been a near decade long tradition for my mom and sisters and I to actually Run for the Cure, but this year has each of us in a bunch of different places, whether it’s work or school or attending three year old little girls’ birthday parties 🙂 This year, it is my monetary contribution that I hope will bring us even the slightest bit closer to discovering a cure.

A happy week, and an even happier October, to you. Hope it’s off to a great start. Oh, and get those comments in!