Four Words

Salted. Caramel. Chocolate. Cake.

Back in July, we celebrated Alex’s birthday with this delicious cake.


I started this post shortly after making it in an effort to share it with all of you ASAP, but it has remained in my drafts until now. Oops! In any case, the end of September has me thinking back to our summer happenings, wondering how on earth it all went by so fast?! Without further ado, read on to feast your eyes on our new family favourite.

Thea has proven her interest in all things baking and cooking time and time again, and she makes the cutest little sous chef. Every time I’m working on something, she pulls up a chair right next to me and asks to help. To which I excitedly respond, “OK!!!!!”. So we donned our aprons and got to work following this recipe . We followed it as is, with the exception of the garnish on top of the cake at the very end. I had Chipits Skor Toffee Bits on hand and decided to go with those instead of the flaky sea salt. No regrets there.



Now, I need to tell you guys about a secret little ingredient. One that I’m definitely going to buy again because it’s so decadent, whether you’re adding it into a cake or drizzling it on top of ice cream. This Salted Caramel by local dynasty, Duchess Provisions, is the ultimate jar of heaven that ever lived in your pantry (next to Nutella, of course). It truly added to the richness of the frosting and the layers in between the cakes. Yes, you read that right – cakes. Three layers, in fact!


We are a family of four, but technically only three of us eat food that requires chewing, so there were definitely leftovers. Leftovers for days (which was just fine by me)! This birthday celebration was as delicious as it was cute, and I think we’re all waiting for an excuse to indulge in this cake again. Good thing Thanksgiving is coming up…


Back to how there are only a few days left in September – anyone else feel like this month serves as motivation to do new things? My to-do list is long, and sitting nicely at the top are things like checking out the brand new Rogers Place arena, brunching at Cafe Linnea, and take in as much of this beautiful fall weather and crunchy, golden leaves as we can. How about you?

Happy almost weekend!


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Beating the Heat

What a summer! And I’m talking about the heat. It seems like our summers have gotten hotter, in general. Is it just me?! I always say that the really hot days are still too few to justify installing an air conditioning unit in our home. Except that those really hot days are increasing in frequency and temperature, and I’m about ready to bid our fans adieu, and just go for the real deal. I blame a few things for this (my Mediterranean-living, heat-loving friends and family are rolling their eyes right now, I just know it!). One: I think it comes with age. I not only have become less tolerant of heat, but I physically can’t handle it like I used to in my 20s. Gone are the days where I could spend hour after hour being a slave to the sun. I get the shakes, I get weak, and I turn into a big mess if I don’t have a hat, a bottle of water and some shade nearby. Sigh. Two: 95% of my day is now spent running after and keeping up with my two young girls. My pre-kid self might relish in these soaring temperatures a bit more. But kid wrangling and +30 degrees…I’m sweating just thinking about it.

Bottom line: I love summer, I really do. I just love it with cold water and even colder decaf, iced Americanos. Here’s what we’ve been up to and how we’re beating the heat:

A Rocky Mountain getaway back in June. That cool, mountain air was welcomed with open arms.


Lots of lake walks, refreshing slurpees every once in a while, and playing tour guide for my cousin who recently visited from North Carolina

I have also made it my goal to experiment with some different dinner recipes to limit my oven use on the exceptionally scorching days. So far, I’ve tried these summer rolls (a new family hit!) and a summer vegetable soup (very similar to this recipe).

Hope you’re enjoying the summer! Tell me about the ways your beating the heat and any tasty, summer dinner recipes you love 🙂



#yeg Spotlight: MEAT

Earlier this summer, we checked out MEAT, a cool and smoky new eatery on Whyte Avenue. If you’re familiar with The Next Act Pub, which is located just down the street, then you will find comfort and familiarity in that the same owners have branched out to call MEAT their next successful venture.

Smoked meats have never really been my thing, but our dining experience at MEAT was a game changer. I ended up deciding on the beef brisket and garlic fries, and it has left me thinking back often and dreaming of this savoury dish. They seriously set the bar pretty high!

Alex and I were in brisket heaven – every bite had the right amount of smoky flavor and the garlic fries were completely divine!

One of our favourite things about MEAT, besides the delightful food of course, is that it’s family friendly. It’s busy and bustling, but welcoming all at the same time, so we are definitely looking forward to going back. As with any locally owned and operated restaurant, we were excited to check out and support MEAT, but they’ve also got an interesting story about how they got up and running – and it wasn’t easy. Click here to read about the obstacles they encountered and how with the help of Make Something Edmonton, surpassed these hurdles and became the hot spot they are today.

I can guarantee that MEAT will satisfy your next carnivorous craving. Or the next time you need a healthy dose of garlic!

8216 – 104 Street

#yeg Spotlight: Cafe Bicyclette

We celebrated my first Mother’s Day in a pocket of our city that has quickly climbed the ranks to be one of my new favourites. The French Quarters, also known as the University of Alberta’s Campus Saint-Jean, is an adorable little piece of France located on 86 Avenue and 91 Street. It is also home to Cafe Bicyclette, and it lived up to all of the charm that the name elicits.

It was the perfect spot to celebrate this special “first”. Possessing equal parts cute and charming, it also offers a wide selection of breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner options. As evidenced below, we stuck to desserts only for this occasion!

Something we stumbled upon, which we will be sure to return and check out when we have more time is the community’s Farmer’s Market, which takes place every Sunday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Between the delicious cafe itself, and the various events that take place in the area, we can’t wait to go back and discover more!

Fellow Edmontonians, have you unearthed any new favourite spots lately?

Have a great week, and Happy Canada Day!