Welcome, and thank you so much for finding me in this massive space on the web!

I’m Kassey, and my husband and I are proud parents to our lovely little Theodora, with another baby girl due in January 2016. This blog was born in 2013, just as I was about to go on maternity leave, and I felt it would be the perfect project where I could share with friends and family our adventures, experiences, and my personal likes and passions. It also excites me to know that I can make new friends and connections through blogging. So here I am, learning along the way, as I document things I love.

I am fanatic about my city, Edmonton, AB, and every discovery, gem, and quirk about it. Other passions and loves include fashion, street style, coffee, cooking and travel. Oh, and Nutella. Lots of Nutella. At my deepest core, though, family is everything to me, especially now that we are a little family of three (almost four!).

It truly is the simple things that I find joy and beauty in, and I’m delighted that you’ve chosen to take a peek into The Lovely Ordinary. Please don’t hesitate to reach out through comments or email; I love hearing from people!


\\ It may be ordinary. But I think that’s lovely //

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