My Favourites || Apps

I thought I would start a feature where I share some of my favourite things, whether it’s in the category of fashion, beauty, food, or fitness…and everything in between. Having recently discovered a couple of new apps for my phone, I thought the topic of “tech” would be a good place to start. I’m also using this as a way to crowd source, if you will. I’d love for you to tell me your new favourites in whatever category we’re talking about. Here we go…

Prior to Thea’s arrival, I did a serious phone upgrade and became a proud new owner of a Samsung S4. The main driver behind this was that I wanted something that would take good quality photos and videos of our little bundle. I also love the ability to edit and define photos with filters, temperature and exposure adjustments, and cropping. A good friend, and a tech-savvy one at that, recommended VSCO CAM for its filter and editing abilities.

VSCO CAM | Visual Supply Co

I’ve been really happy with it so far, but have to admit – I need to spend more time experimenting with it, because I think it’s got a lot of untapped coolness that I have yet to discover.

Interested? Click here for for an Apple iTunes download, or here for a Google Play download.

Along with a baby comes a whole lot of gear that requires a larger bag in which to tow everything around. While I love my baby bags (I alternate between this and this), I wanted to make sure I could still carry a small-ish purse. This meant I had to downsize; my poor shoulder could only take so much. A constant battle for me is managing all of the loyalty and membership cards that occupy prime real estate in my wallet. Stocard is the answer that solves everything!

Android-en.jpg (3000×3000)

It was so fast and easy to store cards into this app – find, scan, and voila! The only card I decided to hang onto rather than scan was my Starbucks gold card. There’s just something fun about a flashy gold card in my wallet, so I was ok with that one staying put.

To download for an iPhone, click here and for an Android, click here.

Your turn! Let me know of any fun, new apps you have started using. And if you choose to try out either of the above, let me know how they work for you!


5 thoughts on “My Favourites || Apps

  1. I use VSCOcam too, but sometimes I’m not as happy with how the photo looks when I upload it on my computer…I’ll have to actually print off a few and see what they look like. I have very few apps on my phone – I get overwhelmed at which ones to download so I end up not downloading anything lol. Other than the must-haves like bloglovin, instagram and starbucks 🙂 I also really like my fitbit app.

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