#yeg Spotlight: MEAT

Earlier this summer, we checked out MEAT, a cool and smoky new eatery on Whyte Avenue. If you’re familiar with The Next Act Pub, which is located just down the street, then you will find comfort and familiarity in that the same owners have branched out to call MEAT their next successful venture.

Smoked meats have never really been my thing, but our dining experience at MEAT was a game changer. I ended up deciding on the beef brisket and garlic fries, and it has left me thinking back often and dreaming of this savoury dish. They seriously set the bar pretty high!

Alex and I were in brisket heaven – every bite had the right amount of smoky flavor and the garlic fries were completely divine!

One of our favourite things about MEAT, besides the delightful food of course, is that it’s family friendly. It’s busy and bustling, but welcoming all at the same time, so we are definitely looking forward to going back. As with any locally owned and operated restaurant, we were excited to check out and support MEAT, but they’ve also got an interesting story about how they got up and running – and it wasn’t easy. Click here to read about the obstacles they encountered and how with the help of Make Something Edmonton, surpassed these hurdles and became the hot spot they are today.

I can guarantee that MEAT will satisfy your next carnivorous craving. Or the next time you need a healthy dose of garlic!

8216 – 104 Street

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