DIY: Wall Art

Today I was reminded of how many projects I still have on my to-do list as Little T and I hung out at home. This made me reflect on a fun project we undertook a few months ago that I thought I’d share here.

Neither my husband or I are experts on art, so when it came to dressing one of the biggest walls in our home, we were seriously stumped. We certainly have an appreciation for art and the talent behind individual pieces, but our budget also forced us to get creative. And creative is not a word I would have ever used to describe him or I! Enter a fabulous little store here in Edmonton, Chintz & Company, and all of our problems were solved! We decided we would look for a fabric that we both loved and that would fit with the look and feel of our living room, and then just place it in three large frames. The staff at Chintz are really knowledgeable and friendly, so this experience was off to a great start!

Fabric from Chintz & Company

Fabric from Chintz & Company

Our trusty adhesive (from Michael's)

Our trusty adhesive (from Michael’s)

Making it stick! We had to allow for about half an hour of drying time per frame.

Making it stick! We had to allow for about half an hour of drying time per frame.

And voila!

And voila!

Considering this was a first, true DIY for us, we were quite happy with the outcome. It was a solution that was cost effective, easy to do, and satisfies our design aesthetic…for now 🙂

If you have any fun, do-it-yourself projects that you’re proud of, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Stay warm! xo

Frames purchased from Michael’s
Glue purchased from Michael’s
Fabric purchased from Chintz

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