Theodora has arrived!

Hello readers, and Happy Holidays! Hope you all had a very Merry Chritmas surrounded by loved ones, good food, and the chance to unwind and enjoy everything the holidays bring. We were so blessed to be able to celebrate this Christmas with our new baby girl, Theodora Marian! I laugh when I think of my last post, having just started maternity leave and being so convinced that we were going to have a December baby. Well, I was wrong! Theodora joined us on November 27 at 12:46 pm, weighing in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long. She is a happy and healthy little baby, and we truly couldn’t be more in love with her. Needless to say, this was a very special Christmas and little Thea was one spoiled baby girl!

The early days

The early days

Thea's first Christmas!

Thea’s first Christmas!

Lately, we've managed to capture some tiny smiles

Lately, we’ve managed to capture some tiny smiles

It’s so hard to believe that she’s already one month old! I really can appreciate when people tell me now that the time just flies by. Yikes, little Thea, don’t grow up too quickly!

Despite the learning curve, I’m enjoying the transition to motherhood, and am curious to know from all the mamas out there – what was your favourite part of early motherhood?

9 thoughts on “Theodora has arrived!

  1. Oh Thea- She’s such a precious bundle!
    I think my favorite part of early motherhood was being able to justify a lack of sleep being traded for countless hours and moments of just staring in wonderment at the little miracle growing before me… Not that we don’t still do this 😉

    • Thanks for sharing, Betsy! I have to say, I am quickly forming the same feelings. Although the late nights can be a little rough, I have found myself looking forward to them in some weird way. Some how, knowing that this period doesn’t last for very long has made me appreciate and cherish them so much. I foresee Alex and I just sitting and staring at her while she sleeps for years to come…ha! #equallycreepymamma

  2. Goose I would have to say when the kids just loved to nuzzle and not try to get somewhere else! And let’s be honest…when they weren’t crying! Lol!

    • I’m just so glad you were able to spend three weeks with her, at a time when she is still so new to the world! June will come fast, especially with all of the visitors you’re going to have over the next six months!! We miss you a ton already!

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